Letter: Water-hungry playground in the desert is sure to be received with open arms by the Utah Legislature

(Mark Eddington | The Salt Lake Tribune) Surf lake, the second largest of three lakes at Southern Shore featuring a wave generator, is a new development being built in Hurricane, is the first private luxury surfing community in Utah.

I cannot believe that a “private surf community” is being allowed to be developed in southern Utah. Despite the water conservation efforts presented, this is a water hungry project in the desert, in the middle of a drought-plagued West, where the average resident is being asked to rid their property of grass and conserve water. A West where the Great Salt Lake is drying up, exposing toxic dust, reservoirs are low and rivers are being rationed between states. A private playground for 56 wealthy families who’s rationale includes “the crowds and reckless behavior of some at public lakes” somehow prevents them the family time they seek. Ah yes, “Let them eat cake.”

I also cannot believe The Tribune’s articles seem to present this as a good thing. I do feel confident our developer-heavy Legislature will also see this as a wonderful endeavor and allow whatever is needed to speed it through.

Meanwhile, flip your strip.

Christopher Rohr, Salt Lake City

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